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Since Hasbro has stopped production of Subbuteo many years ago, the best place to find Subbuteo brand equipment is on eBay, but there are many other compatible brands of table soccer available to help fill that gap. Here’s a list of some of those brands:

– Highly recommended. Based in Calgary AB, this would be your best option to get an inexpensive starter set. More information at

Zeugo – an Italian based company that makes Subbuteo-styled gear. Available at

Total Soccer – a Spanish based company. Good starter sets for the kids. Available at

To play a game of Subbuteo or any compatible game, you will need the minimum equipment:


Astrobase AstropitchStandard Subbuteo cloth playing pitch (reference 61109) or Subbuteo Astropitch (reference 61178).

The Subbuteo brand of pitches are easy to come by. Look on eBay for a used pitch. For cloth pitches, there are two different materials used: Nylon or cotton (referred as “baize”). The nylon pitches are cheaper but the quality of them are far less superior than the baize pitch. Go with a baize one if you can get one cheap.

The Subbuteo Astropitch is made with a different material and has a rubber backing. These pitches are very expensive and shipping charges can be high because the pitch is packaged in a tube.

There are many other modern day pitches available that are compatible with the game. I’ve included a sample of the most popular:

  • SuperFooty cloth pitch – these are very similar to the older Subbuteo baize pitch. Very good quality. Available at
  • Astrobase Astroturf Professional Pitch – Official pitches for FISTF World Cup tournaments. Has a vinyl backing.  Available at

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Subbuteo GoalsGoals:

Subbuteo goals (for example: reference 61130 World Cup Goals or 61181 Championship Goals, or any other standard Subbuteo goals).

There are many compatible goals made by third-party sources. My only recommendation is get a set of goals that can me pinned or mounted easily.

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Subbuteo BallsBalls:

Subbuteo balls (for example: reference 61127 Continental Balls or 61190 Ariva Balls, or any other standard Subbuteo balls).

The Adidas Tango balls are the favourites for tournaments. But any ball would do.

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Standard 00-scale Subbuteo team figures (reference 63000).

Now, this can be complicated. There are so many types of figure/bases available depending on the style of game you are playing. For old-school Subbuteo, Heavy Weights (HW) are the favourites because they play better, but these are also favoured amongst collectors and can be quite expensive.

Light Weights (LW) are more common, but are harder to play with since they are lighter in weight. These are usually cheaper than HW but are still very collectible.

Some of the newer figures and bases are designed for a “straight game”, meaning you can’t curl the figures due to their flatter bases.

For a better understanding on the different figures, check out Peter Upton’s Tribute to Subbuteo site.

From left to right - original Subbuteo LW, Flickmaster Serie A, SuperFooty, Image II, original Subbuteo HW

From left to right - original Subbuteo LW, Flickmaster Serie A, SuperFooty, Image II, original Subbuteo HW

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Plastic Rodded GoalkeepersGoalkeepers:

Subbuteo goalkeepers with handles.

Most boxed teams will come with a Goalkeeper on a rod. There are also metal Goalkeepers available.

Check out the Suppliers page for more information on equipment.

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